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We are the true Adams Family. We have been married for 17 years so far and hope to stay that way forever. We have the best kids in the world. Two boys and two girls. They make us crazy. They also make life fun. Together forever is our goal. Crazy forever.. yep that's what we are striving for.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to School

Summer went way to fast! The kids were all excited for school to start this year though so it must have been perfect timing.
We did have a very low key summer this year and didn't take any huge vacations..... but we had lots of fun together doing the simple things that made us happy.

Hayden started first grade this year. Davin aka SkinnyD is a big time 2nd grader. Beautiful Jayme is already in 5th grade. Time truly has sped up and only seems to get faster.
I didn't get a picture of Drake on his first day of 7th grade but he did look impressive... :O)
All in all the day went well. I am learning to be alone and how nice it is to get chores done and they stay clean (at least till everyone get back home) I hopefully will update this more often now and get back into writing. Someday I will finish a project I'm sure..lol... lots of love friends