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We are the true Adams Family. We have been married for 17 years so far and hope to stay that way forever. We have the best kids in the world. Two boys and two girls. They make us crazy. They also make life fun. Together forever is our goal. Crazy forever.. yep that's what we are striving for.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Weekend Comes

Ladies, I hope you all made it through Fridays task.

Note to self : Fridays sucks cuz of the carpool thing and the bball practices never plan that big of thing on Friday again.

Let me just say, "I know the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, but honestly I had to buy Albertsons cookies." This might come as a surprise to some of you, but I often forget things. Yes Me, and I forgot the Crazy Crappy day Fridays are and planned too many things. But, huge pat on the back here.... I managed to finish my assignment anyway.. people really don't care if they eat my cookies vs Al's cookies anyway right? so why overstress myself . Like I said earlier SIMPLIFY!!!

Anyway today we are MOMness our 1 main goal today is to be a nicer mom. Yell less let things like egg crusted spatulas slide and dirty George Foreman grills... life is short and those kids are only gonna remember if you were nice or mean not how clean the house was... best of luck and ttyt

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Friday = Funday

Yep this is going to be FUN!!!

Now maybe you all are living in Mormontopia and keep up on your VT. I live in reality and I don't. So on this quest for best HEE one of the check marks is doing your VT. So yeah, you guessed it we are gonna bust this out..... now I have not made appointments nor am I gonna. So we are gonna "Simplify " After all wasn't it council once to "Simplify and life will be Simple"

So Today : make 4 batches of cookies.

I have 4 families. If you have different then change it. (Its almost the end of the month so we gotta get this done.) Don't make sugar cookies ,waaay to hard and pulse we need those for next month (heart shaped) lol... okay so mix up your cookies. While they are baking we are gonna do something for ourselves... it's super fun.... MOPPING!!!! I know right, like the funnest thing ever ever. The act of doing it sucks but the feel of the clean floor on your bare feet is so worth it..... OOOOO if only we were barefoot and pregnant then the stereotype would be so true....

Best of luck and go ahead and make a few cookies for your kids too... after all that's what a HEE would do right? And you can burn the calories if you walk to deliver them.. (I'm gonna drive I'm lazy) LOVE YA
btw: you have to wash the room laundry that you assigned to Friday...DON'T FORGET

Wonder MOM!!!

So, I 'm sure you already know this about yourself ,but I am on this self discovery mission this year to Be. Ya know be the ME I was meant to be. Hopefully that explains the picture..lol... she is who I want to be.. all hot and wonderful...lol... even in the wind her hair looks amazing..hahahaha

Anyway, along this road to becoming Wonder Mom i guess there are things I have to do. Things/Villains I must defeat and bring to submission. (if only I had those kick ass wrist bands and golden lasso of truth)

Today was a trying morning to say the least. Many times I thought about bagging this whole plan but then I realized DA DA DA DA "this is the work of the DARK ONE." lol.. So I can't let him win right? Again the DARK ONE throws back a "you will never get this house cleaned,,,, this is way way to hard for you"

Well, I quickly did the Wonder Woman spin outta that and into a plan.... today we will break down the HUGE overwhelming jobs and destroy them one bit at a time. This pile of mess in our laundry room floor has got to go. Every time I look at that man eating mountain it is self defeating... like Kryptonite. so It must go.....

Today... separate the pile into boys, girls, Mom and Dad rooms. then one other pile Towels.

Then on a card make a list. decide witch day you will do each room there should be 4 piles so only 4 days of laundry a week. I like doing towels on the weekend so the kids can fold them and they can learn how to run the washer. good luck super moms and may the force be with you....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well guess what.... i did it. it took me 15mins to fold the towels and put them away... I was so proud of myself that i took Bri in the bathroom and showed him the neat job I'd done. (like a 5yr old wanting praise) I am kinda a baby and need that pat on the back..lol

It did feel good knowing I had done something I said I would do.

While I was folding I was thinking..... Holy Crap I Work Tmrw!!!.... now, the last yrs model of Charity would just simply say "oh well ,I will just skip a day".... but remember this is the New Me,The BE SOMETHING Me and so I will post tonight for tmrws chore. (that's call planning ahead, apparently its really big in the organized world.)

Wednesday: Mirrors that's all.

Now the reasoning behind this is, they are super fast to do. Honestly, I want them done because when I come home the house will be a mess/kids and when I walk down the hall past the bathroom I want the satisfaction of seeing the mirror I cleaned. Also when I crash its on my bed and my side looks directly at the huge mirror and I know hand swipes (as cute as they are) will make me moody so.... yep just the mirrors tmrw.. good luck sistas..love ya all

It' has been far too long my friends.

You would think I'd been off doing great wonderful things while I was gone but.... nope. Same old crap just a different day. I planned (in my mind) that this year would be different/better. I would DO something. Find a purpose, contribute,not just Be... but be Something... It is a struggle for me to understand and except that I am Being Something by being a MOM. I watch all my friends going to school to be nurses and teachers and have their jobs that they go to everyday and think to myself... well I have my laundry (that i never ever do). Then I roll over on my bed and cry into my pillow (that prolly needs the case washed to tell the truth)...

So Today being the 26th day of my life changing year I am going to take this laundry basket by the handles and Do Something so I can Be Something. I invite all of you to join me in this crusade. Together we can BE the best HEE... Home Executives Ever !

We will have one goal a day to accomplish... that's it for the rest of January!!

Lets do it together. If you have a different goal then what I suggest feel free to comment and maybe someone else will take your advice.

Today's goal is to wash all the towels in the house. Fold them and put them away. Yes folding and putting away are part of the "washing "process. otherwise they will end up back on the floor and in the mountain of laundry. That's it, Simple. now go do it and Tmrw we will have a new goal..... ready set GO!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010