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We are the true Adams Family. We have been married for 17 years so far and hope to stay that way forever. We have the best kids in the world. Two boys and two girls. They make us crazy. They also make life fun. Together forever is our goal. Crazy forever.. yep that's what we are striving for.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


On Saturday the kids came running in screaming "Davin's bleeding!" Now my first reaction was (here we go again) because Hayden had been in twice already to get band aids for people. Then we heard Davin. Brian flew off the couch and up the stairs. He can move pretty fast when he wants to. When we got up there his mouth was just a bloody mess. The kids were all trying to explain at the same time. We got him to the sink and started rinsing. Ya know when there is alot of blood, but you don't want to scare your kid. That's how this was. When we looked in his mouth it was like "Wow that is not gonna work". Me and Bri were standing at the sink. Holding our little guy. We looked at each other and thought the same thing (Damn Kids) just kidding. We did both agree that something needed to be fixed. We tried and tried to get a hold of our dentist. Tried calling family members that had the dentist cell number. Tried the dentist again. After what seemed like for ever we reached him. Our dentist was in California at a wedding. We did however go see his partner. He was such a nice guy. He pulled the tooth and checked everything else out. We didn't end up stitching the lip closed but today it is nasty looken. I'm just glad it all worked out good and was only a tooth we lost. I love ya little Davin. Everyone be safe on the trampoline.:)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Grandpa Scoma

Well life truly does go on. A week ago today I was sitting at Grandpa funeral. As we all know though today I am sitting at my computer ignoring the laundry. Funny how life doesn't stop. (or the messes) Anyway I will say it was a good funeral. As good as one can be that is. It was fun to see family that I haven't seen in 12 yrs. On the other hand it made things a little more sad. Seeing everyone made being old a reality. When you don't see people for that amount of time. It is almost like a dream world that you knew them in.Seeing them made my dream world with all my memories change some. No longer is it me and Little Nino sleeping on Grandpas deck getting eaten by mosquito's. We are all grown up. That was more sad to me then the passing of Grandpa. The reality that this part of my life is over. sucks. I hope everyone is doing great. love you all.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Two Vampires and Two wacky Bananas

Well last night was lost of fun. we had Jayme vampire #1.Davin vampire #2. Drake was wacky banana #1. Hayden was yep you got it wacky banana #2. We went to see Grandparents and ate chilli dogs and got tons of candy. We hope everyone had a fun safe night. oh yeah and Hayden says " Get out there and be Mavericky and vote on Tuesday"